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We are born growers and as such we seek quality from the very beginning.


About us

THCbd è un’azienda agricola in provincia di Padova, immersa nei Colli Euganei. Un team giovane, mosso dalla passione per la canapa, cresciuta sulla stretta collaborazione con Dinafem.

Today 15 people aged 20 to 45 make this enterprise possible, working day by day thousands of plants, hundreds of kilos of flowers, in a structure of more than one hectare, active 365 days year.


We respect the nature

We work in greenhouse, to produce while safeguarding the environment.

Geothermal heating

Thanks to the thermal water that characterizes the subsoil of this natural park, we heat our structure without polluting emissions.

Cooling system

The cooling system takes advantage of the evaporation of water to cool the cultivation environments in the hot months, with minimal energy expenditure.


Greenhouse cultivation allows us to capitalize on sunlight, minimizing the use of electricity.


With the help of good bacteria, we regenerate the growing substrate; these microorganisms disinfect the soil and enrich it, making it fertile and ready to be reused.

Integrated fight

Like humans, insects are very attracted to the hemp plant, and this often creates significant difficulties.

We overcome this problem by integrating insects and other plants useful for maintaining the ecosystem, avoiding the use of pesticides and other products that are harmful to humans and the environment.


We keep our flowers in totally airtight packages that keep their organoleptic properties unaltered. They are 100% recyclable and conveniently reusable.

Research and development

We never stop

We firmly believe that research is the basis on which to build our future. We immediately invested in numerous internal projects and in collaboration with public and private entities and companies.

With Dinafem ed il suo fiore all’occhiello DinaLab, we had to finish a research back to estimate the cannabinoid development during the fioritura phase.

More than 300 analyzes have allowed us to understand the evolution of the active principle throughout the life cycle of the plant, fundamental information for our work.

Analyzes carried out every year
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Plants in continuous cycle cultivation
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Piante coltivate a ciclo annuale
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We like to collaborate

This is how the journey began with which we arrived at our precious selections of hemp plants, and from them to the excellence of our flowers and the products from which they take shape.

With the Alma Mater University of Bologna (Faculty of Agro-Food Sciences and Technologies) we conducted a first research aimed at verifying the development of cannabinoids in different environmental conditions during plant growth.

We are constantly looking for projects and researchers who embrace our thinking and how we want to show the world the still undiscovered potential of Cannabis.

Do you have ideas or projects to propose?