Wholesale, why?

Over the years we have matured in the cannabis sector, we have identified several companies that, like us, believe in a sustainable and fair market and are committed to laying these foundations in a thriving sector.

For this reason we have decided to give space to these realities and their products. The great classics of Cannabis Light such as, Cannatonic, Lavender, White Widow, Strawberry and others, are now available at affordable prices on our online store in the Wholesale section.

In this area, professionals in the sector, shops, farms, retailers, grow shops, will be able to explore and buy wholesale a wide range of flowers, hash and hemp and CBD products that are constantly updated and growing.

Also, here you can buy all our loose flowers, such as Pompelmo Fuel Fuel, Amnesia, Dinamed Kush, Critical Kush, Critical Plus, Sour Orange, Amaretto e Tonica. 

Trust our passion and, if you have a VAT number, explore THCbd Wholesales.

Per informazioni contattaci alla mail: info@thcbd.eu.