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It doesn't matter what skin you have but how you care for it.

Why we do it.


Empatia is the perfect adjective to describe our relationship with hemp. The care we dedicate to the cultivation of flowers is essential for them to best express their qualities.

Our role is to enhance these qualities by inserting flowers in everyday products. That's why we have created a line for the body and skin that follows our principles.

Our 100% organic crops are located in the Euganean Hills natural park, where we work in total synergy with the surrounding environment.

Thanks to the selection and control of the raw material, we ensure a better process, making use of the contribution of nature to create a product that respects it.

hemp is


Unlike many hemp-based products, which are made only by squeezing the seeds, the products of the hemp line, already rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 , contain l whole Phytocomplex of hemp ideal for its calming, relaxing and restorative properties .

Hemp è...

Safe and respectful.

We believe in the idea that a quality product is essentially the result of the intimate relationship between man and nature , which is why the hemp line respects the following characteristics:

100% organic


Cruelty Free


No parabens, paraffin and silicon

100% local product

Go green.

100% recyclable packaging.